How it Works

  1. Walk your Client Through a Brochure - We’ve streamlined the information gathering process so you, as the advisor, can collect the client’s information using our free, professional brochures. This positions you as the guide for your client’s estate planning needs and helps you build rapport.
  2. Upload the Information to Our Secure, Interactive Website - Log in to and upload the brochure information using our secure online webform. 
  3. Verify the Options Best for Your Client - Hop on a phone call with a TDC network attorney and your client to discuss and confirm the selected options.
  4. Drafting and Delivery - A WealthCounsel attorney will draft and deliver your client’s personalized estate plan, including: 
    Revocable Living Trust
    Last Will and Testament
    Financial Power of Attorney
    Health Care Directives
    Living Will
    Personal Property Memorandum
    Assignment and one Deed to transfer client’s primary residence to their trust.
  5. Funding the Trust - We direct the client back to your office to re-title their financial accounts into the name of the trust, helping you capture more business from your existing client base.