We provide an estate planning solution to financial planners, CPAs, and enrolled agents so they can keep their clients and grow their business.


Introducing Trust Design Center, Your Estate Planning Solution.

How does it work, and why is Trust Design Center ethical and legal while other services may not be?

  • You walk your client through our professional brochure, written in plain English and designed to highly customize your client's legal documents through a streamlined design process.  Then you transmit the information to us through an interactive and secure web site.
  • Our legal team answers all legal questions and drafts all legal documents.  When complete, we deliver the documents and direct the client back to your office to fund the trust.
  • Through the trust funding service you deepen your relationship with the clients boosting client retention and growing your business.
  • Ultimately your client receives a high quality estate plan from an ethical business model, unlike the standard forms prepared by a trust mill. 

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A 1% increase in customer retention enhances firm value by about 5%"Companies can boost profits by almost 100% by retaining just 5% more of their customers..." -CustomerFocus.com

Things to ponder: The other guys

Incomplete, one size fits all programs that don't take into account your client's specific life circumstances. Potentially hazardous to your business and reputation. Your client has "left the building."  Will he or she come back?


Trust Design Center

"Wholesale driven," meaning our business is building your business, we do not solicit your clients for work that you perform. Comprehensive attorney review of each highly customized document plan.Your clients remain your clients. No legal issues, we are green light go!  Ethical and Legal. Click here now to register!  Or you can simply call us at 480-776-6055 today!



Do you have a hard time understanding legal document language?
Using our streamlined design process, you help your clients fill in a series of questions & options, which are written in plain English & designed to highly customize their legal documents.

Did you know trust mill documents could be potentially hazardous to your business and reputation?

Our Trust Design Center partner attorneys answer all legal questions and then draft all legal documents.  When complete, we deliver the documents and direct the client back to your office to fund the trust, file the tax returns for the LLC, or complete the beneficiary designations for the IRA trust.

Are you sick and tired of ONE SIZE FITS ALL programs that don't fulfill your legal needs?

Client receives a high quality, customized estate plan or business entity from an ethical business model where clients stay in full control of the process from a central location via our Trust Design CenterTM website.

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Are you a financial planning professional looking to grow your business?

Offering a high quality, ethical, and affordable estate planning solution to your clients is the solution you need to boost client retention and increase your bottom line. Trust Design Center is perfect for:

  • Financial Planners
  • CPAs
  • Enrolled Agents
  • Title Agents
  • Anyone looking to offer estate planning to their clients

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Our Story

After designing hundreds of Trusts at full price, we discovered that, based on certain key pieces of information, we can highly customize a living trust that provides more benefits while saving the client precious time and money.

About Us

Trust Design Center is the highest quality trust drafting partner you can choose. Nowhere else will you find a trust drafting partner that will  deliver customized estate planning or business formation documents using the highest technology available in today's estate planning marketplace.